Trip to meet Little Thirsty Chicks

Few months back,i got a chance to visit a Poultry Farm in a rural area of Punjab.It was a bright Sunday morning. I wasn’t in a good mood  because my exams were near and all my student life i had been a complete restless geek who would get sleepless nights just because the exams were near-Well, a month away,but Near..

So,there i was, having a tour of the poultry farm which was quite boring on the upfront because there were no chickens in sight yet.Finally,when the boring tour of the outside shelter,the electric control unit,and huge exhaust outlets the guide took us to the Controlled Shed where chicken were kept. OMG! so many chickens in one place,stepping over each other like little balls of furrr.That was exciting and freakishly crowded.Smelly as well :@

Controlled Shed for Chickens

Controlled Shed for Chickens

Chicks were monitored by people who wore safety shoes and roam about in the shed to keep a thorough eye on them.i was surprised and pleased to see that they were treated like babies.Feed was pure,ample and frequently provided.Temperature was maintained and automatically controlled through sensors so that chicks could get warm and cozy environment.One thing i would like to mention here is that,there was a little “Hospital” portion for sick chicks where they were fed with medicines and diagnosed by veterinary doctors.How human of humans to be human with chicks!


Hospital Area for sick chicks

Overall it was a good place to see but my curiosity to get to know more of everything insisted on staying there while everyone else moved out for lunch. i wanted to try something on my own,i wanted to interact with those chicks because they were  stagnant in one place.Watching them in action would be fun. I thought to myself that they cant talk to me,they cant tell me how’s it going in there, so what should i do to see them in action. Aha! a water tap it is. Lets see who is thirsty today ! i opened the little water tap and WHOOF…so many thirsty little chicks ran down towards the tap.It was an awesome view.That view was worth sharing so i took a snap from my mobile’s camera.

Thirsty Chicks fetching water

Thirsty Chicks fetching water

So,i got the best of my tour with that view.I had enough.The view was fulfilling  satisfying and it seemed as if my sole purpose to go there was to help those chicks to quench their thirst. Suddenly i was in a good mood. I went out and ate with others and then packed to go back to home.Life is all about chances, grab a good chance to do something good with your life,with others life,chick’s life may be.

                                                                                                                                                                                                    (By: Dania.Rashid)


One thought on “Trip to meet Little Thirsty Chicks

  1. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to the poultry farm. I live in Northwest Arkansas. You could call it chicken country. Have you ever seen a truck load of chcikens on their way to be processed? Some look dead. I have a few chickens myself they are free range. I have lost a few to coyotes, hawks, raccoons, possums, and snakes. I rarely have a cripple, and none have been sick. Thanks for visitinng my blog.

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