Top 10 Ways to make your day before 10 am !

Mornings aren’t for everyone, but a great start to a day can lead to greater things ahead. So i pondered,noticed,experienced and concluded some points for great mornings which i am about share with you people. Here you go !

 1) Hit the Road : Exercise doesn’t have to be an after-work activity. Try getting an early and active start to your day with brisk walk or run. You’ll give your metabolism the jolt it needs to kick into higher gear and help  you burn up your extra calories thorough out the day.

2)Checkin : Take some time to find out what’s happening on your social media networks and wish your friends a great start to the day Frantic work emails can wait until you’re at office.

3) Smarten Up : Looking great and feeling great go hand in hand. Take a few extra minutes in the morning to look your very best. You will find yourself heading out the door with extra confidence as you start your day.

4) Eat it : Start your day off with a warm and satisfying breakfast, since having breakfast helps to help burn extra calories throughout the day, you will be glad you did.

5) Reconnect : Pick up the phone to check in with a loved one and say good morning. Special friends and family members can offer the boost you need to get your day off to a splendid start.

6) Switch it up : Creature of habit? Try replacing one of element of your morning routine with something different. An adjustment to your regular schedule might offer you the inspiration you need to make more changes in your day to day life.

7)Talk it out: Spend some memorable moments talking to your family about what they have planned for the day. Make work off limits in the morning- you have the whole day to talk about your job.

8) Plan for it: Taking a couple of minutes to get organized for a busy day ahead will give you an extra boost of self-assurance and help you identify your priorities.

9) Mellow Out : Find a calm moment every moment to sit down and enjoy fresh, hot cup of coffee or tea.

10) Keep your balance: Take the good with he bad ; if you see something negative sneaking in on your day, balance it our by focusing on something good, like a family or loved one.

Happy Morning Everyone !

                                                                                                              By : Dania.Rashid


16 thoughts on “Top 10 Ways to make your day before 10 am !

  1. I do absolutely NONE of these things…but I think that I will from now on. I’m actually a morning person that spends my mornings WISHING I could just go back to sleep instead of doing something actually meaningful and productive! Weird, huh?

  2. this is great… i am trying so hard to get up at the same time each day and get a routine going, but it’s so difficult! i really love my cozy bed.

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