High Time ( A Tribute to all Oldies )

Flowing through the oceans

Climbing up the mountains

Sinking in the sea

Up in the trees

Down on the streets!

Getting all the view

Holding all the news

There’s a call round the corner

A call to get free!

Just throw up all the worries

Clean your hands with furry

Take deeper breathes

Listen to the beatings

Hear the sweet callings

Get in the world of dreams!

Time to get rewarded

Angel’s waiting to greet

This Life is ending soon

Your moment to get a feast!

By : Dania.Rashid


17 thoughts on “High Time ( A Tribute to all Oldies )

  1. Thanks for visiting my photography blog! I just smiled at the photo with the ladies on the “see-saw”. How fun is that? I hope to be that full of sass when I’m older. Beautiful, freeing poem too.

  2. I’m going to be 50 this year and feel like it’s the beginning of a wonderful adventure into wisdom (I hope!) and a richer sense of who I am. Maybe I can give something back to this world and some of the younger people who are coming up behind me.

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