Beehives – Inspiration for mankind


Honey Bee Hive

I took this picture near my village last year.  I wonder how so many bees can live and work in peace in such a small space yet mankind cannot live in harmony even in such a huge world. Who’s more civilized here, us or them? That’s the way of nature, to live in peace. But we never learn, and that’s why we always suffer and will continue to suffer until we change our mindset drastically, and respect the basic human rights and accept others regardless of race, language, religion or economical status.


Let’s lighten the mood here ! 🙂

There’s also a second lesson, which mankind HAS LEARNT from the beehives. Have you ever wondered why this Bee Hives are made in this particular shape and not like the nests of other birds? The shape of this beehive is a Honey Comb structure. This structure allows the optimization of construction material, in this case wax. So the bees are able to build a colony for themselves utilizing the minimum resources.



Honey Bee Hive Zoomed In

Man has also been inspired from the Honey Comb structure and that’s why its use has been known since 60 BC.


Honey Bee Hive Further Zoomed In

Honeycomb materials are widely used where flat or slightly curved surfaces are needed and their high strength-to-weight-ratio is valuable. They are widely used in the aerospace  industry for this reason, and honeycomb materials in aluminum, fibreglass and advanced composite materials have been featured in aircraft and rockets since the 1950s. They can also be found in many other fields, from packaging materials in the form of paper-based honeycomb cardboard, to sporting goods like skis and snowboards.

Do you believe there is still room for mankind to learn from other species, even if they are seemingly insignificant such as small bees? 🙂



6 thoughts on “Beehives – Inspiration for mankind

  1. I don’t think we (humans) can learn from anything. I’m just hoping that when we do become extinct, by our own hands, that there are some animals left who can finally live in peace and not have to live with a death threat over their head…from us. Bees, and animals are hard wired to each know their place. Worker bees do not aspire to become the Queen. The head of a pack, knows his/her place and the wolves below the leader follow protocol. When there is a fight for power, it’s decided in a one-on-one fight…the wolf nation does not go to war. Once the winner has been established the loser is often forced out and the pack settles down and things go back to normal. So, I don’t have much hope for us, as a species. We are dangerous to ourselves and everyone/everything else, including the planet. Bees don’t brag about who made the most honey or who has the biggest wings, or sulk if they saw the Queen fewer times than the bees next to him. We are a species who hasn’t learned to live together in peace and while emotions and choices can be seen as gifts (unlike living by instinct alone) we do not appreciate the things we are or know how to use what we have wisely. Until we do, nothing will change. I enjoyed your photographs and writing very much.

    • Thanks Guys !

      @Hit&run: I think it’s best that those of us who really want to bring a good change, we should start with our self first. We should set an example for others, and I am sure we can turn few others on the right side also 🙂 Take care !

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