View of Thailand from Malaysia



Took this shot of Thailand from Malaysia on the way to Mangrove’s Tour ! The distant islands in light blue are actually Thailand… ūüôā A great feeling being able to see two countries standing from a place, isn’t it?


A walk in the park, after the rainfall…


Today it rained here in Lahore, Pakistan. We went for a walk in the park, the weather was still awesome, giving relief from the 50 degree celcius heat of the summer. I took some pictures … ūüôā

I should do this every morning, I am sure jogging here will not only increase my physical fitness but mental as well !



















Beehives – Inspiration for mankind


Honey Bee Hive

I took this picture near my village last year. ¬†I wonder how so many bees can live and work in peace in such a small space yet mankind cannot live in harmony even in such a huge world. Who’s more civilized here, us or them? That’s the way of nature, to live in peace. But we never learn, and that’s why we always suffer and will continue to suffer until we change our mindset drastically, and respect the basic human rights and accept others regardless of race, language, religion or economical status.


Let’s lighten the mood here ! ūüôā

There’s also a second lesson, which mankind HAS LEARNT from the beehives. Have you ever wondered why this Bee Hives are made in this particular shape and not like the nests of other birds? The shape of this beehive is a Honey Comb structure. This structure allows the optimization of construction material, in this case wax. So the bees are able to build a colony for themselves utilizing the minimum resources.



Honey Bee Hive Zoomed In

Man has also been inspired from the Honey Comb structure and that’s why its use has been known since 60 BC.


Honey Bee Hive Further Zoomed In

Honeycomb materials are widely used where flat or slightly curved surfaces are needed and their high strength-to-weight-ratio is valuable. They are widely used in the aerospace  industry for this reason, and honeycomb materials in aluminum, fibreglass and advanced composite materials have been featured in aircraft and rockets since the 1950s. They can also be found in many other fields, from packaging materials in the form of paper-based honeycomb cardboard, to sporting goods like skis and snowboards.

Do you believe there is still room for mankind to learn from other species, even if they are seemingly insignificant such as small bees? ūüôā


Cool Cotton Facts

Cotton Flower - Pakistan

Cotton Flower – Pakistan

This is the picture of a cotton flower (Or “Kapaas” as we say it in Pakistan) that I took during visit to my village. The cotton is planted in May, and is fully developed in six months time. This crop requires special care, it has to be given fertilizers, pesticides, water once a week,¬†favorable¬†in dry season. Since this has to be hand plucked by farmers, one by one from so many cotton flowers,¬†the harvesting takes around two months. ¬†It is then sent to the factories for processing, dying, finishing &¬†stitching. So whether it’s a handkerchief or a stylish formal dress shirt, so much effort is put into manufacturing cotton.

Beautiful Cotton Flowers

Beautiful Cotton Flowers

Pakistan has been one of the finest producers of cotton clothing, producing 100% pure cotton. For your information, adding even 1% silk to cotton may double the quantity of the cloth produced, but still to maintain quality, Pakistan’s textile industries like Burewala Textile mills produced 100% cotton, because they did not want to compromise on quality, as this cloth was exported to other countries.


Pakistan is world’s 4th largest cotton producing country, in 2011, it produced 10.3 Million bales of cotton. China being the largest, produced 33 Million Bales. (One bale is 480 pounds or 218 Kilograms).

By: Rashid Ali

The Hidden Paradise – Neelum Valley, Pakistan


Neelum Valley – The Hidden Paradise in Pakistan

Not sure what image of Pakistan you might have in your mind, but I can bet you didn’t have the image of a paradise. Here are some pictures of one of the places in Pakistan that is heaven on earth!

Neelum Valley is situated at the North & North-East of Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir, Pakistan running parallel to Kaghan Valley. The two valleys are only separated by snow-covered peaks, some over 4000m above sea level. Excellent scenic beauty, panoramic views, towering hills on both sides of the noisy Neelum river, lush green forests, enchanting streams and attractive surroundings make the valley a dream come true.








By : Rashid Ali

Historical Gates of Lahore – Masti Gate

Masti Gate

Masti Gate is one of the thirteen gates of the Lahore Fort located within the Walled City of Lahore in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. It is located on the east side of the Fort. The Masti gate, named after ” Masjidi ” or pertaining to a mosque. The mosque of Mariam Zamani, the mother of Mughal Ruler Akbar, is in its immediate vicinity. The people here love to eat heavy food and there are many shops of foodstuffs located here. Milk shops of this area are very famous and the milk available here is full of taste as they add many things to it, which make its taste a lot better then the original milk.

 by : Rashid Ali

10 books,10 authors and 2 of us !

This Saturday,it was raining at our place and like every weekend me and my husband woke up quite late and had our usual, special, filling weekend breakfast/lunch.We ate “Parathas”- (Form of¬†chapatti which is soaked and cooked in pure condensed oil). While we were chatting with family we got to know that there’s an International Book Fair at our City’s Expo Center. Books!!m Yes we heard right and just there and then we planned to hurry our ways to the fair. It was raining outside so roads were slippery and way to the Expo was quite far from our home but still me and my husband just wanted to be there ! So we got ready and set on our way. Weather was beautiful. Rain,day time and long drive ! Well, what a beautiful start of a weekend.


Rain drops on our car’s window

Finally we reached the Expo in about half hour. There was a long waiting queue of cars as they were thoroughly checked before entering. Just to mention,this was our first time coming to Expo and as we entered we were ¬†amazed to see how huge it was.As we stepped out of the car,chilled freezing wind was there to welcome us but we¬†didn’t¬†mind it as we were busy in clicking for the proud¬†building¬†that stood there with thousands and thousand of books in her lap !

Front view of Expo from parking

Front view of Expo from parking

There¬†wasn’t¬†any particular book in our minds to buy and we felt as if we would come back bare handed but as all book lovers know “One can never get enough out of books”. So we went in,skim through different stalls and sections. There was¬†humongous¬†variety of every type of book. Countries like India,Singapore,¬†Turkey¬†etc also had their stalls there. Anyway,it was already an hour since we came in and there¬†wasn’t¬†a single book that we bought so far. How boring,rite? We went to other hall of the fair and there there ! It was like a place specially designed for our taste. We grabbed 8 books from that single stall and felt really good and at the same time got an urge to keep looking and buy more. Fair was exciting.There were sales, arts competition for kids etc. It was a mixture of fancy and literal fair.


Fancy book fair

We roamed about for quite sometime and finally bought two more books. We were tired as we walked much while strolling through stall by stall. It was time to grab ourselves dinner so we decided to sign out.It was a nice experience. We were glad we made good use of our weekend and time and ¬†got ourselves some nice books to read.Now that 10 new books took place in our room’s shelf they keep ¬†starring at us all day long,asking to be read ! Eyeing us sometimes as if they are saying “leave those laptops and grab us to read right now ! ”

Our new books

Our new books

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           By: Dania.Rashid

From Isle to Front Seat – How blogging transformed me!

View from the seat by the side window

View from the seat by the side window

I travel 2 hours daily, one hour in the morning from my place to my factory & one hour back off course. I usually always deliberately sit on the isle seat or the seat beside the window. Why is that important? I think it describes how one is not interested enjoying the view from the front seat, the thrill of fast & furious turns & sudden brakes of the bus (Yes, our driver can be a lunatic at times!), witnessing the sights of so many people out there in the streets from the huge windscreen of the bus. Rather, this shows how one would prefer to either sit in the middle, avoid the sights & simply sleep or chat with your colleagues, peeking once or twice from the side window.

View from front seat

View from front seat

But after I recently started blogging, I had this desire to not only “see”, but to “observe”. The urge to scout¬†for some special moment, the sudden interest to preserve those moments with a click and to show to my fellow bloggers. That’s why now I sit in the front seat, and I am happy with it ! My sixty minutes of travel now seem like thirty and I feel more fresh. This is one of the many effects writing & sharing can have on you. Good to know, good to share !

By: Rashid Ali