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Shades !

My shades ūüôā

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The Royal Shoes !

Shoes are an important part of one’s personality, one that can often reveal your true style. I say true style, as often people pay attention to clothes, hats, ties, jackets but ignore the shoes !

You must have seen a thousand different kinds of shoes in your life, sneekers, joggers, fleets, dress shoes, high heels, medium heels, low heels, cold shoes, leather shoes, sandals, chappals and what not, but how often have you come across these shoes? These are very often used in Pakistan in important events, such as Weddings, but are used in other important events too.

Friends’ of ours make similar shoes, if you are interested in such royal shoes, do let us know. ūüôā




Caffeine is everyone’s Corporate Friend

A cup of hot tasteful tea is like a “hug” at work. A hug that reaches the soul and makes you fresh,makes you alive. A hug that turbo charges you and prepares you to work hard.Most studies show that black tea has between 40 and 120 mg caffeine per eight ounce serving. Decaf black tea usually contains about two to ten mg of caffeine.White tea ( tea with milk)¬†does not have less caffeine than green or black teas. White Tea is widely used in Asia. Most people here¬†do not even know any other tea than White Tea. i can bet if you present them a cup of black tea, they would rather call it a practical joke !

All of you must have witnessed the¬†consumption¬†of tea in working hours at Offices. Because it really works wonders.¬†Believe¬†it or not, i felt like a complete drained person today at work just because i was unable to get any Tea as the tea boy was on leave and i was so brutally busy in work that i could not get time to make a cup for myself. Just to get a little feeling of strength i kept on staring my Tea cup as if a Genie would appear from nowhere and would fill it up for me..How desperate,eh?¬†The absence of Tea at office today made me realize that whether good or bad,Caffeine is everyone’s Corporate Friend¬†.¬†Nowadays, every working Desk with a laptop, notebook, mouse,¬†USB, pens and stick notes also has a Tea Cup as an essential.


While talking about Tea, it would be unfair not to mention Cool,trendy and unique Tea Cups that are in market now. Workers feel proud if they have a good branded or customized/ promotional tea cup. Roaming about at your work place with a cool cup in hand is more of a status symbol now.I must say¬†Tea Cups are ¬†like people’s personal brand !¬†¬†Not to mention anyone else’s example,lets talk about my own tea cup. Well, to be honest it is my Husband’s prize which he won at some competition at Pakistan Tobacco Company when he was an Engineering student.Being a Brand Conscious person myself, instead of getting my own cup, i chose his to take to work every day.Whenever, in future, my husband would ask the reason of taking that particular cup to work instead of any other, i know what i would say, well.. i’ll tell him it reminds me of you !¬† *wink*

My Empty Tea Cup

                                                                 (By : Dania.Rashid)