A “Mausami” teaching a lesson in care?


A “Mausami” teaching a lesson in care?

Took this picture of a mausami (Orange) in my yard.

Oranges are so beneficial for us, so full of nutrition, very easy to eat, just pluck ’em from the three, peal ’em and eat ’em ! Enjoy the flavor and numerous health benefits. It is such a selfless fruit, giving so much to us. But this is going bad due to lack of care. No insecticide spray, my bad !

Makes me think about life, even those who always care about us without expecting anything in return, like family, close friends, they deserve to be cared in return, or one day they may begin to wither like this fruit too. Let’s care for others, if not for all humanity, at least those who care for us, our family & friends. Let’s not be saints, but at least let’s be human…

By: Rashid Ali