Coloring November Nights

Coloring November Nights


Blue                                                            Red     

The call is near                                    The feast is near

The year is dying                                 New Year to arrive

Those Cloudy Breaths                         Those Cloudy Breaths

Freezing my mind                                Refreshing my mind

First drop of rain                                   First drop of rain

Crying your name…                              Whispering your name…

Those remind me of “my”                    Those remind me of “my”

Cruel November Nights!                      Sweet November Nights!

You asked me for time                          You asked me for time

To rekindle your life                             To rekindle your life

When I called you back                        When I called you back

So hard you denied…                           So soon you accept…

Those remind me of “my”                    Those remind me of “my”

Cruel November Nights!                       Sweet November Nights!

So I shortened my days                         so I stretched my days

And I skipped all nights                        And I stuffed all nights

Just to say “good-bye”                           Just to remember you

To “my cruel”                                        In “my sweet”

November Nights!                                 November Nights

                                                     By:  Dania Rashid