Discovering hope – Enroute to work

Dew on the window

Dew on the window

Today was like any other work day. I woke up at 6:40 in the morning, struggling to get ready in time like always. But due to my wife’s help in giving me the breakfast-to-go, yet again I managed to reach my office bus’s pickup point just in time, i.e. 7 am. Fast, ain’t I? Well I completed half of my getting-ready-for-office rituals the night before, like shaving & showering, and the pick up point is just a minute’s walk from my home. Walking briskly in the cold morning and hopping the stairs of the overhead bridge crossing I probably made it in 30 seconds today and caught the bus in time.

En-route to work, after devouring my breakfast, with eyes still partially closed as the bus passed from a wide road I felt the warm sun on my skin and suddenly I felt more fresh. I have always enjoyed the sunrise, so I captured this precious moment immediately, and I am sharing the picture with you above. I noticed dew drops on my window, and a thought bubble suddenly popped up. My string of thoughts was as follows: ”Why is there dew on the window? Let me clean it with a tissue”. I did so but to no gain, it was still there. ”Okay, so this must be on the outer side. Why is it there though? Because  the inside of the bus is warm. Why is it warm? The heater is on. Also may be it is due to the people sitting inside. Why are they making it warm? Their warm breaths. Why is their breath warm? Their hearts are beating, pumping the warm red fluid of life through them ! Heart, what a beautiful creation. The symbol of love. Ah, despite all there is wrong with the world today, despite all the poverty, crime, corruption, injustice, red tape, could it be that there still may be some good left in the world? After all, when our hearts first started beating, when we were born, weren’t we all as good and innocent as angels? Same hearts are still beating today, so there must be some good left in me, in us, in the world?” Now that was a very cozy & calming sensation. One that made me smile, this was HOPE! HOPE of a better tomorrow, for a better world. This is how I discovered hope today, may be you’ve ever felt so too, if not, I sincerely HOPE, you do !

By: Rashid Ali