I have become an Engineer – I’m ready to conquer the world ! Or am I?

Help me ! I need your advice. I live in Pakistan, and I want to buy a car, something not too fancy but say around 1600CC or close, give or take 300 CCs, which car should I buy? Honda City? Toyota Corolla GLi? Why do these names come to mind? Everybody’s talking about them? The value for money? The features? The quality? Can I some it up in one word, “brand” ? You wouldn’t experiment with some local/Chinese car, would you? Consider yourself a brand also, why would most people want to choose you if you have nothing special to offer? Sure someone might, but it may not be what YOU wanted. Although what you can do, how much your expertise is an important factor, but more importantly the game is about your perceived expertise. How others see you.

Mechanical Engineers, like most other engineers, pride themselves in having an engineering degree, after all why shouldn’t we? We spent 16 years studying our ass off (more or less). This long marathon, fueled by our desire to be “rich”, “to build”, “to go places”, “to make our parents proud”, “to drive THAT car”, “to buy a beautiful house”, the even harder years from grade 9 till 12, in school and college, the four years in university, we have done our part, there’s nothing more to do now, we will hunt jobs, party and see how it goes. I belt we will kick-ass in the interview. We are as good as we can be, after all we can solve 4 page long numericals of Thermodynamics, or we can design a heat exchanger like no one else, we have given our best and learnt as much as we can. I suppose we wouldn’t be wrong to think like that, we know what we went through to get here. But how many more of us have reached HERE? What is the population of this town, called HERE. There are limited vacancies, but the candidates are so many. Are you better than other? How do you know? Oh, so you have a GPA of 4.0, great ! Guess what, there are many others with 4.0. What about 3.5, 3.0 2.5, 2.0, etc? You can imagine your rank now. So what do you have which is different from others? Why is your brand worth the company’s hiring team’s time. Why should they invite you for an interview an listen your side of the story?

For some jobs, there may be thousands of applications, what can you do to improve your perceived value? How can you try to get shortlisted for that interview among all others, and later how can you perform well in that interview, we will talk about that in this blog, and get expert opinion from successful engineers and learn from their experience. Post job opportunities. Try to help one another, find jobs, get them and excel at them by developing ourselves !

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Sad but True…

Sad but True..

“Wondering how easily the cussing becomes acceptable in the society. It starts with a bunch of people uttering F word infuriating a majority around them, cools down to leaving frowns on few faces and then becomes acceptable by the society on a whole. Ask around yourselves and people will justify the open usage of this word by saying “Oh, you gotta be kidding me, the F word has become an adjective now, go get a life dude!” (Copied)

Searching You !

It’s been long, so long

Since I’ve been searching u

Tracing u..

Missing u..

Staring u..


I searched u all around me

And found you inside me

How you enchanted me

How you mesmerized me

How you took my breath away

And still you are far away!


When I gave up counting on clue

When I gave up searching for u

You came from nowhere

You blessed me with life!

You blessed me with sight!

You are my most precious gift

Whom GOD blessed me by


And now as I’ve fallen for you

Hoping that you’ve fall for me too

I see nothing but you

My world my heavens

Own you

Praise you

Crave for you ..

You stamped my soul..

And now it’s been long, so long

Since I’ve been searching myself !


By : Dania.Rashid

High Time ( A Tribute to all Oldies )

Flowing through the oceans

Climbing up the mountains

Sinking in the sea

Up in the trees

Down on the streets!

Getting all the view

Holding all the news

There’s a call round the corner

A call to get free!

Just throw up all the worries

Clean your hands with furry

Take deeper breathes

Listen to the beatings

Hear the sweet callings

Get in the world of dreams!

Time to get rewarded

Angel’s waiting to greet

This Life is ending soon

Your moment to get a feast!

By : Dania.Rashid

Soul’s Surrender !

(When someone very dear leaves this world leaving you behind. But that dead soul never leaves you alone. It stays INSIDE you, forcing you to live despite of the fact you die each moment for them.)


Two Souls Playing So wild

One so Dead One so Alive

     Living Soul wants to fly high

     Leave the world to meet the skies

But She can’t…

Reason Behind?

   Someone INSIDE, holding Her Tight

   Wants her to live, wants her to Smile

  She skips her Breaths, He Bless her New Life

Wondering Why?

The Reason Behind;

    Dead Soul loves to live ALIVE!

   He truly wants to live HER INSIDE!

(By: Dania.Rashid)

10 books,10 authors and 2 of us !

This Saturday,it was raining at our place and like every weekend me and my husband woke up quite late and had our usual, special, filling weekend breakfast/lunch.We ate “Parathas”- (Form of chapatti which is soaked and cooked in pure condensed oil). While we were chatting with family we got to know that there’s an International Book Fair at our City’s Expo Center. Books!!m Yes we heard right and just there and then we planned to hurry our ways to the fair. It was raining outside so roads were slippery and way to the Expo was quite far from our home but still me and my husband just wanted to be there ! So we got ready and set on our way. Weather was beautiful. Rain,day time and long drive ! Well, what a beautiful start of a weekend.


Rain drops on our car’s window

Finally we reached the Expo in about half hour. There was a long waiting queue of cars as they were thoroughly checked before entering. Just to mention,this was our first time coming to Expo and as we entered we were  amazed to see how huge it was.As we stepped out of the car,chilled freezing wind was there to welcome us but we didn’t mind it as we were busy in clicking for the proud building that stood there with thousands and thousand of books in her lap !

Front view of Expo from parking

Front view of Expo from parking

There wasn’t any particular book in our minds to buy and we felt as if we would come back bare handed but as all book lovers know “One can never get enough out of books”. So we went in,skim through different stalls and sections. There was humongous variety of every type of book. Countries like India,Singapore, Turkey etc also had their stalls there. Anyway,it was already an hour since we came in and there wasn’t a single book that we bought so far. How boring,rite? We went to other hall of the fair and there there ! It was like a place specially designed for our taste. We grabbed 8 books from that single stall and felt really good and at the same time got an urge to keep looking and buy more. Fair was exciting.There were sales, arts competition for kids etc. It was a mixture of fancy and literal fair.


Fancy book fair

We roamed about for quite sometime and finally bought two more books. We were tired as we walked much while strolling through stall by stall. It was time to grab ourselves dinner so we decided to sign out.It was a nice experience. We were glad we made good use of our weekend and time and  got ourselves some nice books to read.Now that 10 new books took place in our room’s shelf they keep  starring at us all day long,asking to be read ! Eyeing us sometimes as if they are saying “leave those laptops and grab us to read right now ! ”

Our new books

Our new books

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           By: Dania.Rashid

From Isle to Front Seat – How blogging transformed me!

View from the seat by the side window

View from the seat by the side window

I travel 2 hours daily, one hour in the morning from my place to my factory & one hour back off course. I usually always deliberately sit on the isle seat or the seat beside the window. Why is that important? I think it describes how one is not interested enjoying the view from the front seat, the thrill of fast & furious turns & sudden brakes of the bus (Yes, our driver can be a lunatic at times!), witnessing the sights of so many people out there in the streets from the huge windscreen of the bus. Rather, this shows how one would prefer to either sit in the middle, avoid the sights & simply sleep or chat with your colleagues, peeking once or twice from the side window.

View from front seat

View from front seat

But after I recently started blogging, I had this desire to not only “see”, but to “observe”. The urge to scout for some special moment, the sudden interest to preserve those moments with a click and to show to my fellow bloggers. That’s why now I sit in the front seat, and I am happy with it ! My sixty minutes of travel now seem like thirty and I feel more fresh. This is one of the many effects writing & sharing can have on you. Good to know, good to share !

By: Rashid Ali

I Wish

In the Darkness of Night, I wish for what?

 In the Silence of time, I wish for what?

  In the Tears of my Eyes, I wish for what?

  In the stream of my thoughts, I wish for what?

  They think i wish and wish for Me..

  They think i wish and wish for Love..

  They think i wish and wish for Joy..

  They think i wish and wish for Life..

  GOD knows

  In Silence, In Dark, In glowing Spark..

  I wish for Pupil, the Heaven’s Calm!

  I wish for the Fondness of Every Heart!

Pray for World's Peace !

Pray for World’s Peace !

(By: Dania.Rashid)

Heart vs Mind

“Am I allowed to dream….?” One day, when eyes dares to ask.

“No!” ordered the Mind.

The heart contracted and expanded swiftly…

Why?” heart argued.

The heart had all the means to ask the question, but the mind was not obliged to answer.

Why, Why, Why!

Heart bumped his head for a long time when he got the silent sympathetic answer.

“Because I don’t want you to suffer!” mind whispered.

“So am I not suffering now?”

“You are a cruel person. You don’t know the meaning of emotion. You can never understand the dreamland woven by the eyes can be accomplished by the power of you and me…Why don’t you realize?” , Heart shouted in dismay.

“I understand but don’t you know that not all the dreams are fulfilled? And what a disaster breaks off when the dreams are shattered?

And don’t you know the bigger the dream shattered, the bigger the disaster is??

The more devastated the body is…?

The more vacant the eyes are..?”


(Eyes had started damping their lashes throughout the cross argument)

“Why are you becoming the enemy of yourself?”

Why are doing the things, reason less! Without any logic! Crazy? Isn’t it?”,Mind scolded.

The Master,The Mind was like handling the dais, eager to convince the Heart with all the tools and weapons of logical speech skills.

“Would you like to give me a single logical reason?”

“LAME EXCUSES!” Heart was now furious at his insult.

“O you chicken! Why don’t you shortly say that you are a coward…? You are frightened that’s only the matter! Frightened of the approach of the dreams…You simply, have not the capabilities to face the failures!”

“Hey! You are blaming me now. Its you…who will be disappointed at the failures…Not me!

Its you…who will do care for all the feelings…who will take calamities to injure your health!

Who is not able to face realities!

Who is escaped of the bitterness of the present tense! Escaped into the imaginary future.

It’s you…and not me, my sweets!” Mind claimed.


Heart was speechless for a moment but eyes were still pouring the pearls out of its premises…

“This is a real world, and a real human have to live in it ‘real’ and not “imaginary’…Look through the eyes…how disgusting is the world…Entirely unmatched with your demands!”,  Mind bragged.

Eyes raised their brows and looked around. Mind was right. He was a sympathetic father now.

But eyes, like non-obedient children, were not going to lose the battle, anyways..!

“But you should remember that the eyes, who dare to dream, are the eyes that are bound to succeed” Heart gave its final shot.

Eye balls rolled themselves.

“All right!” The Mind gave up. “Do as your heart desired…but remember! At your own risk! As I know, you people are the slaves of dreams and desire of heart! You could never come to the track”

Eyes magined standing in the Mind’s shoes, and she sensed that the brain in right. So, the kind heart sacrificed his never ending dreams, for the sake of the tears of eyes…


And from that day on wards , the stony eyes never dared to dream again!


(By: Dania.Rashid)