Birds’ favorite food served in their favorite pot !

I’m feeding the birds their most favorite food, “Pearl Millet” on my rooftop

The birds just love peal millet, and that too in a pot made from mud, yum yum ! This is a picture from the rooftop of my house. Faded in the background, a brand new Ferrari 🙂

A walk in the park, after the rainfall…


Today it rained here in Lahore, Pakistan. We went for a walk in the park, the weather was still awesome, giving relief from the 50 degree celcius heat of the summer. I took some pictures … 🙂

I should do this every morning, I am sure jogging here will not only increase my physical fitness but mental as well !



















Learning from nature

Together yet so far

Purity of nature

While visiting my grandparents in village, I saw these two birds sitting on the wall. I had the camera in my hands so I clicked immediately. Looking at these birds made me wonder, humans & birds, no matter how different physically do share one common aspect in their ‘socioeconomic life’ – both have to earn their livelihood. It has been so since the stone age & will continue to be so till the very end of time. However, the way to do so has evolved for us over time but not for the birds. We started off like them, wearing the suit of nature, hunting for food with our clubs & stones in the early ages, but now our means to acquire food are more indirect, now we work for paychecks, our weapons have evolved, now we use computers, pens, books, musical instruments, cameras, screwdrivers, brooms, and we wear suits & ties, shiny shoes, trendy hats, makeover, and cool shades. So many of us aspire to reach the top of corporate world. To have all that money, the glamour, the fast cars, the huge houses. But what are we willing to sacrifice in doing so? Will we do it even if we have to sell our peace of mind, our conscience, our integrity, honesty?

On the other hand, have a look at these two birds. They are together because they have to work, may be they don’t like each other that’s why they are sitting together but looking in different directions, having different thoughts. But their souls are pure, they don’t have to lie, cheat or pretend.

If given a chance, would you want to be like these birds? Simple, straight forward, nothing artificial about you, not having to hide how you feel about someone. Or better yet, would you want to trade places with these birds? Why? Because they live a simpler life. The are unaware of the concepts so frequently used by the human society today, lying, cheating, backstabbing, dirty politics.

THINK! Let’s learn from nature, we can’t stop working but let’s try to be pure, if we have something in our heart let’s say it out loud and clarify and solve our problems to live peacefully, with purity, let’s live the way of nature!

By: Rashid Ali